Back To Basics: Part I

August 11 , 2013 12:00 PM in Tutorial , Learn , Photography
With the boom of Instagram, there has been a surge of photographers all over the world. Which means more pictures you can choose to see on the web. We go through so many through the day. But have you ever thought about why your eyes always stop on certain pictures while you just skip through others? It's just two people in front of a building or food on the table right? Well, true, but it's not always about what you're taking a picture of, but how you are taking a picture of the subject. Anybody can take a picture of a couple kissing in front of the church, but yet people still prefer the ones taken by the professional. What makes them so different from the ordinary?

I'm going to go ahead and give away one of the secrets of professional photography. Are you ready for it? It really all just comes down to the basics of the basics in photography:


The angle you use to take the picture of the subject.

Yes, it's that simple. Don't believe me? Take a look at the pictures on the slideshow. Look at Number 1. It's just a simple stuffed dog with a hat sitting on the table right? Now click the ">" button on the right side of the picture to see image Number 2. Your eyes are drawn more to the subject now right? And now you can see that it's not just any stuffed dog, but a sad dog longing for the one that gave him the kiss on the cheek as he looks over the edge of the table.

Now, did I do anything crazy to get the image? Nope. I just simply knelt down on the floor and looked up. Simple as that. It's truly amazing to see that by just changing the position of the camera or the subject, it can give such a different feel to the photo and your eyes can't help but just be drawn to it.

I've been doing photography for a few years now and it's always great to see that you don't always need crazy editing skills to make a good picture. Just change the angle and you've got yourself a winning image.

To those just starting up photography, give it a try. You'll see a big difference.

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