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September 5 , 2013 10:13 AM in Learn, Photography, Tutorial, Video
As a photographer, one of the key things you must learn is the power to control light. And the way to do this is through the use of light modifiers. Now, there are MANY different types being sold out there. From reflectors to softboxes to beauty dishes. There are so many ways to use light to your advantage. But because there is such a variety of modifiers, a common question always pops up and that is Where do I start? The simple answer: Buy what you can afford and be creative. The thing about ......
August 11 , 2013 12:00 PM in Tutorial, Learn, Photography
With the boom of Instagram, there has been a surge of photographers all over the world. Which means more pictures you can choose to see on the web. We go through so many through the day. But have you ever thought about why your eyes always stop on certain pictures while you just skip through others? It's just two people in front of a building or food on the table right? Well, true, but it's not always about what you're taking a picture of, but how you are taking a picture of the subject. Anybody ......
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