Light It Up: Umbrellas

September 5 , 2013 10:13 AM in Learn , Photography , Tutorial , Video
As a photographer, one of the key things you must learn is the power to control light. And the way to do this is through the use of light modifiers. Now, there are MANY different types being sold out there. From reflectors to softboxes to beauty dishes. There are so many ways to use light to your advantage. But because there is such a variety of modifiers, a common question always pops up and that is "Where do I start?" The simple answer:

Buy what you can afford and be creative.

The thing about photography is that you must always remember, it is the photographer who makes the image, everything else are just tools to help create that image.

But I'm sure you all still want to know what types of modifiers are out there as I am sure some of you are probably confused about the different sizes and differences are. I know I was confused as all hell when I first started shooting. So to help all of you out there, I've decided to create a series of blog posts that will help clear away all of that fogginess when it comes to light modifiers.

So let me introduce you to Jay P Morgan from The Slanted Lens. He's gonna explain the different types of modifiers and how each one controls light. It's a very thorough lesson so listen up! And then after you're done watching, go check out their page as they have other tips on photography too.

So let's begin the Light It Up Series!!

Here's all you need to know about the cheapest of all modifiers...the umbrella!
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