Shtuff People Say to Photographers

June 30 , 2012 09:13 AM in Funny , Video
When you shoot events and weddings, you get to meet a lot of people who are very interested in photography. You get to share some amazing information with them and have a grand ol' time talking. You get to hear the funny stories that come along with the job, and you also get to hear the many questions that a lot of people love to ask photographers. Some of these questions simply tickle the funny bone in me because for many people who don't shoot for a living, they can't truly grasp the amount of work that really goes into the photographic process. It's not simply just about the gear that we own, nor is it simply just about the best editing software that one can use. From start to finish, it's the photographer who can make the difference between shooting an average shot and shooting an amazing shot.

This video is hilarious simply because I do get these questions and comments all the time. And I'm pretty sure some of you photographers out there can relate to this as well.
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